Farm Saver® ZIM Fulvate


ZIM Fulvate is about managing specific shortages most efficiently. Cluster deficits are best addressed together. 

Zinc governs the production of auxins – the hormones which determine leaf size. The lower the zinc level, the smaller the leaf and an inadequate solar panel can prove very costly. Iron at luxury levels can deliver 2-3 shades of deeper green to the plant. This chlorophyll density is a major determinant of yield & quality. Manganese is important during seed germination & seed formation.

Farm Saver®


  • Allows the convenience of three-in-one corrections.
  • Contains a productive balance of the three minerals.
  • Zinc positively affects leaf size, protein synthesis and moisture management.
  • Iron is required for chlorophyll density, nitrogen-fixation and protein.
  • Manganese affects seed formation, chlorophyll density and germination.
  • Fulvic acid and kelp are powerhouse plant growth promoters.