Finally, a liquid humic acid material that is compatible with virtually everything.

Micronised humates will revolutionise fertigation in years to come. The exciting concept of Micronised Mineral Suspension facilitates plant availability based on increased surface area for microbial activity, rather than direct solubility – consequently, there are none of the compatibility problems associated with fully soluble materials. The most dramatic example of this involves micronised humates. Huma-Life™ exhibits all of the characteristics of soluble humic acid, with virtually none of the myriad of compatibility problems. Suddenly, humic acid can be included with all fertilisers. The increase in versatility is staggering.

Micronised Mineral Suspensions (MMS)


  • Huma-Life™ can be included with all liquid fertilisers to magnify and stabilise these materials.
  • Unlike potassium humates, Huma-Life™ retains all of the dense mineralisation of the prehistoric plants from which it is derived.
  • Huma-Life™ contains at least twice as much humic acid compared to potassium humates and higher fulvic acid levels.
  • Huma-Life™ is a highly effective soil conditioner and powerful fungi promotant.