Triple Ten™ (alt mockup)

Discover our top-selling fertiliser blend.

Triple Ten™ is a liquid fertiliser that represents the best of both conventional and organic technologies, through state-of-the-art fusion. This premium blend combines a hot mix NPK (10-10-10), chelated trace elements and natural growth promotants, including fulvic acid, seaweed and vitamins.

Triple Ten™ is our top-selling fertiliser for its consistent results and broad-spectrum usability. Applicable via foliar spray or fertigation, across a wide range of crops: Vegetables, Fruit Orchards, Vineyards, Ornamental Plants, Lawns (Turf, Grass), Broadacre Crops and Pasture.

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  • Improve yield & quality.
  • Healthy, vigorous growth.
  • Additional amino acids & chelated trace elements.